KCCU Financial Report

The Kingman Cancer Care Unit (KCCU) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We rely entirely on donations, community fundraising efforts, and grants to help meet the needs of cancer patients in the Kingman Arizona area.

Over 99% of our funding is used to assist local cancer patients and their families with their financial needs. We reserve .5% of our funding for community outreach, such as mailings, website, etc. And, we reserve another .5% to support other local cancer programs, such as cancer research at the University of Arizona and cancer screening through the Kingman Regional Medical Center “Catch It Early" program.

KCCU members volunteer their time, so no funds are used for administrative salaries. Additionally, we have no overhead costs for office space, phones, or utilities.

During 2016, we:

• Received $62,127 through community donations and fundraising activities.

• Provided $72,051 in assistance to local cancer patients and their families.

• Served 89 individual cancer patients in our community

• Provided $500 for cancer screening in our community

• Provided $1000 for cancer research